I have three best friends but one of them I’m SUPER close to a lot closer than the other two! Its funny cause I’ve known the other two for a longer period of time. Anyhow today she came over and we were sitting at the kitchen table my parents just left and we were talking. Suddenly I go, “If I tell you something you can’t tell anyone!” And she goes, “You have a bf!” After I said no she goes, “You’re a lesbian!” And I go no. Then I say, “You can’t tell Jenna or Racquel or Tim or anyone! Unless I will seriously never talk to you again!” And she says what she said before and of course the answer was still no. And she goes, “Come on tell me!” We pinky promised. And I finally said, “You can’t scream or anything because this isn’t something that you’d expect.” And she looks at me strangely and I finally just go, “I…I’ve ummm…” And I couldn’t say S.I. it just wouldn’t come out of my mouth so I stretched out my left arm and put my right hand into a vertical fist and just started going back and forth with that motion. She looks at me and goes, “You S.I.?!” And I nodded my head. Two things were great she didn’t freak she’s not going to say anything and she self injured in a different way which I can’t say because I swore that I wouldn’t just like she did. We both promised over eachothers life that we’d never do it again. I’m happy though that she knows we’ve decided not to tell our other two best friends. Because the one would scream and the other one would scream, cry, and tell our parents because she tells her mom EVERYTHING! She believes me though and I believe her and we have something in common. Not something great but something at least!