Hey there everyone. I’ve posted a couple of things here before and the respones are truly amazing. It is a joy to see people who do not know each other, help one another. I’ve struggled with self injury for almost 3 years and I just got out of the S.A.F.E progam in Texas. I’m 15 also. I had been in thearpy before but I was never in something like this and it is truly amazing and has changed my life. I was probably the most pesstimistic person and thought there was no hope for me and I should just die. I was in S.A.F.E for almost 8 weeks. I didn’t make up my mind and stop self harm untill my 4th week there. But hope and rescue are truly possible. I can’t believe I am sitting there typing this. I have a passion and love now to help others who struggled like me. The road to recovery is long but I know I can do it.

I wanted to let you guys know that if you ever need to talk about ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING. I am truly here for you. I want to share the hope and joy I have in my life now with you guys. Because it is an AMAZING feeling. I know I may not know you, but it is pretty freaking awesome just to be able to relate to others who have or do feel the same way. And even if you want to talk about the weather.. haha. I don’t care. I just love talking with people. 😀

 So just drop me an e-mail at