Another endless night
The moons starless sky
 Makes darkness seem so right
 Lost in its blackness
 I feel like I’m struggling all alone
 but I’m not
 There is no relief in sight
 I say “I must be strong”
 But it seems my will power is fading
 How long will I last this time
 before making tempting regrets?
 Doing my best to stay sane
 when insanity is calling my name
 I’m edging toward the blade
 It seems to beckon my name
 It’s screams are ringing in my ears
 It’s just a little pain that I’m hungering for


 I must put it away
 for I KNOW
 that this darkness isn’t real
 It’s only in my head
 I pray that it stops screaming
 because I know that it will
This pain is temporary
My joy will not fade
It may get lost in this darkness
 But it will  return again  
Love Always,