i’ve been getting this feeling as if there is something crawly under my skin. it’s so bad that i can’t stand anything touching me right now. i saw my doctor and she is going to try an antianxiety med to see if that will help. this feeling is the same feeling i used to get before i S.I.ed. i haven’t S.I.ed for at least 3 years now but i’m very afread i might do something i will regret. i’m looking for as many ideas as i can get. i already have several things in my happy box (my s.a.f.e. tool box). i have my music, colored penciles, markers, silly puddy, playdo, pictuers to color, vacation pictuers, sweets, just things that i really injoy thats healthy not harmful. if any one has other ideas can you please share them with me. i do have problems with my knees so i can’t walk that much. so i’m kinda limited.