I have been wanting to attend S.A.F.E. for years now and it is finally going to happen!  I leave for the program next Tuesday!  I am excited because I want to learn to live without SI and have a future full of success.  I have been SI for about 20 years and I am 27 years old.  I am in school and doing very well as far as my education goes, but having surgery after surgery on injuries I have done to myself.  It has gotten to a severe, scary level.  Every time I think that SI has become my enemy, it seems like my only friend when I am having a tough time.  I want more than anything to stop, but I cannot do it outpatient.  When I heard about this program, I knew it was for me.  There is no help like it anywhere near me.  I am ready to work hard and succeed in stopping SI.  I want to know that all the work I am doing to find a job in my dream career and better my life will not be cut short or be in jeopardy.  I want to love myself and my body.  I am scared because I know it will be the hardest thing I have ever done and I will have to develop a whole new way of thinking.