i have a story to tell –

my life story.

everybody has a story to tell – 

their life story.


but my story is not a short story,

a novel or even a chapter book. 

my story is illustrated. my story is a picture book.


my pages used to be thin, tear and rip easily.

overtime they have thickened.


my words used to be harsh, each caption for each picture was full of hate. 

years later, they are soft and promising.


the pictures in my book were all drawn by one artist – 

you see, i am the illustrator of my story.

the pictures, they all follow the same style of expression, they all share the same color scheme and use the same brush stroke. 


my story is not a simple one –

it is full of detail. 

each picture carries its own story,

and each story has a unique illustration. 


you cannot judge my picture book by its cover.

what you see on the cover does not describe the story inside.


my picture book is not an easy read – 

the meaning behind the illustrations can be a struggle to understand.


longer than some, it took me four years to complete my picture book.

overtime, my pages may get thicker, and my words become softer,

but my illustrations can never be erased. 


everybody has a story to tell. 

mine is illustrated. mine is a picture book.