this is my first time posting. ive never done something like this before – go out and just tell people. ive been with my boyfriend for two years and nine months. we are both going to be freshmen in college in the fall, separate universities. he was the one to save me. only two months into dating i had to confess to him how i got the wounds that laced my wrist, my arms, my legs, my hips, everything. as compassionate, devoted and understanding as he is, he did everything in his power to help me. to fix me. i am 31 months clean – i have not S.I. in that time, and i do not intend to for the rest of my life. i dont know if im posting this as a way to cope with the urges that are still overwhelming, or to vent to someone who isnt necessarily even there… but i do know how it feels to go from hurting myself everyday to loving myself. if this small, unimportant post didnt bore you too much or made you laugh at me, i can only hope it gave you some confidence to believe in yourself and not S.I. i still struggle with S.I. everyday, and i cope with my emotions in different ways now, but still hang on to the basic idea of indulging in pain in order to bring relief and comfort.  Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just need someone to talk