Hello Everyone. I just discharged from S.A.F.E Intensive Outpatient today! Its the one for teens here in Denton, Texas. I was there for about 7 weeks. I am so happy I got to leave but I was sad also. I can now say that I like myself and I won’t ever turn to self harm anymore. Probably just a month ago I would have never said that. I was a total mess when I got there and didn’t really want to stop self harm. I did but I didn’t. I met A LOT of great teens and therapist there. My therapist Jessica was AMAZING and I get to still work with her afterwards. Woohoo! I wish I could tell you that it was easy to get where I am today but it was everything BUT easy. I am a totally different person now than what I use to be. I can’t believe it. If you do go to S.A.F.E which I STRONGLY encourage you to do and no matter what you do in like really, is remeber you are PRICELESS and even when things suck they will get better. I’m sure you all have heard that a million times but its 100% true. Its hard to believe but I’m living proof that its true and that there is hope. Only a few months ago I wanted to die and now I love who I am. There is still those days that are hard and the impulse to self harm may pop up in my mind but I HAVE THE CHOICE to self harm. Some may say its an addiction and I thought my self harm was. I did it everyday. But I’ve learned that you can have CRAPPY emotions but you have to chose what you do with them. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SELF HARM. I can’t believe I don’t do it anymore when I did it for so long. It is possible. I hope I inspired you to get help if you haven’t. S.A.F.E is amazing. I’ve been through other therapy but this was NOTHING LIKE ANYTHING BEFORE. Good luck on the road of recovery! Love,Erin H