At the end of the school year, all seemed really well. I was going to be with my fiance for most of the summer. I went to see the school shrink with confidence, and told her that I hadn’t needed the therapy for the last month I hadn’t received it. That’s how it always works, I feel great for a little while but really crappy for a month or so. So now that the summer is nearly over, I am looking at parting ways with my fiance and not being able to talk to him for a month at a time (Navy) and going back to a school I hate away from my family and friends to people I despise. Of course my great mood subsides. Again I feel down and alone. I am sure that I will turn again to SI for my quick fix, an addiction to the rush of chemicals flowing through my brain. Sometimes I don’t understand why SI is bad, it’s just a coping mechanism. And then I want to die, and I remember.