alright. ive been struggling with self injury for about three years. my friends mostly know about my problem, as most of them found out in a very public way (during lunch somebody pointed it out and basically said to everybody “look she S.I. herself!”) which was really shameful and embarrassing for me. before school let out, i hurt myself pretty badly. nothing i couldn’t take care of on my own, but it left some nasty scars and was the worst i had ever S.I.. it really scared me, and i decided once and for all it had to end. its been a month and a half since i decided that, and im not sure what to do next. im fairly confident that i won’t be dealing with it anymore, but i still don’t know if i should seek other help. it really scares me to admit that i would need help, and i would have to tell my parents. but basically, even though i think i am over this, and through with it once and for all, should i still consider professional help?