I have decided to try and get healthy, the right way, by exercising more… however it is summer time and well, I have scars.  I wouldn’t go out in public with “open stuff” because that is not how I deal with my self-injury.  I don’t like others to know or see or anything like that… that is just not me.

I can’t physically handle wearing long sleeve shirts in the middle of summer and then working out – I overheat too easily.  I wear long sleeves all the time, other than exercising or in the privacy of my own apartment. 

I have tried exercising late at night/ early morning, so I can wear my shorts and tshirts.  I want to start running though and it is dangerous to run at night or at 4am.  I don’t want others to see my scars and honk their cars or make rude comments.  I also plan to start exercising with someone from work, but she doesn’t know about my history and struggles with self-injury. 

Any suggestions on how to handle this?  I am recovery orientied, however I do slip up now and again.