How do you handle your slip-ups?  Do you punish yourself more – or do you try and reason it out? Why I am asking this is because I fear my first major slip-up in S.I….  I have been doing great in terms of refraining from S.I., but I just don’t know much longer I can continue to talk myself into staying *perfect* from this form of self-injury.  My other forms of self-injury have risen, so it is not like I am SI-FREE yet.  I just don’t know how I will mentally take a slip-up right now because I have too much other stuff on my plate — however, I feel a slip-up coming anytime.  I just don’t want to be “S.I free” anymore because I don’t see the true benefits.  I want to reduce it, but I can’t handle not having any productive outlet for myself.  None of my other coping mechanisms are working any longer.  I am either going to resort back to S.I. or I have to find another coping mechanism. I have gone 5months, 3weeks without it… as of tomorrow (Tuesday).