i struggle with my scars everyday.  i found comfort in this.  maybe someone else will too. 

Scars Say

i will not be
defined by my scars
but they will tell me
some of who you are
when you look
what will you see
will you use them
to define me
will they be repulsive
insanity’s signature
will they be unsettling
leave you unsure
will i suddenly be
more sick than you thought
thinking no well person
would seek what i sought
will you turn away
from the proof of my pain
believing them to be
my soul’s permanent stain
will you be mad
that i suffered alone
that i didn’t reach out
when my torment was known
will there be pity
deep in your eyes
or will you be
somehow unsurprised
whatever you say
whatever you do
my scars will say less of me
and more about you