it’s monday night. the first day of the week draws to a close. i feel myself not caring, losing all though of concentration, the urge to hurt, to scream, to let people hear what i really think, but scared of the feelings that will over run me, like a man who is drunk for the first time, the alcohol soaking on his lips and tongue. city and colour ringing loud in my ears, i feel this sense of dread and relief. the lyrics pour out like a convicted man making a confessional. i know how dallas green feels. a longing to escape all that i know, to release myself from all that is going on, to check out early and forget about everything that i am, who i’ve become, and who i will be. i want to escape to a place where four walls will protect me from myself, a safe haven for me and all my thoughts and feelings, a place to scream and feel like nothing will happen to me and that the world isn’t looking at me like some freak. i want to run away and know there is someone who is like me and completes me, where i can be free and not have a worry.