i just graduated from SAFE in may.  my time was well spent but now i’m home.  it’s disconcerting, to say the least.  life went on without me.  not only that, i’m not the same person i was when i left.  i’m struggling to adjust and to insert myself into this life that doesn’t fit quite right.  i’m doing some positive things:  fighting my impulses, setting my boundaries, acknowledging my limits and ending a broken relationship.  i’m just nervous about doing all this alone.  it’s very strange to go from the UBH habitrail to the big, wide world.  i know i am as prepared as i can be for everything; i just wish i had more support.  so that’s why i’m here:  support! 

hello to everyone at SAFE.  especially kristy, lauren, suja, matt, sarah, myra, marena, and karen.  miss you all and appreciate everything you did for me!  i wouldn’t be the woman i am right now without you!