So this year i met a boy named nate[same nate for rachel]. well i talked to him last tuesday and he tells me he likes me. but the next day he went after a different girl and succeeded. so my friend christina calls me and is like ”i dont know if i should tell you but nate and kristen are goin out” and of course i played it like i didnt care but yesterday i finally cracked.  i was at a party and my friend asked me whats wrong and i began to cry. so i wrote this for him.

Fades Away

the memories of us finally faded away.

as the pain began to settle in

was the love we shared just a lie?

or was it a game you chose to play.

i look  outdside as it begins to rain

it seems like the light i once knew has turned into darkness once again

and the raindrops are my way of crying for you

for the love i want from you

but once again i am alone

as the raindrops slowly form and slowly begin to fall

to wash away my tears

Questions in my heart are cold with fear

where was i yesterday?

where will i go?

I lost your love so fast

But how was i suppose to know?

the cost of loveing you i paid in full, with a smile on my face

But then you sent me away

what was so keen is now so dull..

will i ever see you again?

will our hugs return or must i wait forever till the ice

freezes over this burn

why did you say i must go away?