I hate the fact that I even have to post this friggin’ message.  I graduated from SAFE (twice, actually).  I was in Chicago in 2002 and TX in 2007.  I went back for a little bit of relapse prevention.  I have been safe and SI free since my admission in October.  (September was my last injury).  I was SI free for nearly 5 years in between my admissions. 

I am really struggling right now.  A lot of ‘life stuff’ has happened lately.  I was laid off of my job of nearly 5 years.  I am just isolating myself.  I know.  That is a really BAD idea.  I have been staying in bed most hours of the day and night in order to stay safe.  As long as I am in bed, I cannot hurt myself.  I have an agreement with myself to never injure while in bed.  Bed is safe. 

I wish that I had words of encouragement for all of you out there.  But the truth is, I am nearly at my rope’s end.  I don’t know what I should do.  Posting this is ridiculous.  I know that.

But if any of the Denton staff is reading this, “Howdy from OH!”  I miss you all.  Maybe I will try painting.

Thanks for listening.