i have made it about a month and i haven’t slipped at all! but its been really hard not to in the last few weeks. I dance and it been my life for 5 years. i love my teacher but he get really bad at me cause i dont do everything the way he wants, the other night he called me a disappointment in the front of the whole class…i dont care what people think…but it really hurt. i hate that word, it just ripes me up inside, and the minuet  he said it i wanted to injure!  he  not the only one i can just really it my moms the same way and some of my friends to. I jsut want to be happy and to make others happy. I feel like im just to tired and i want to let go. the only reason i  stopped injuring was cause my mum almost found out so i stopped out of fear..is that a wrong reason?? if it wasn’t for my best friend i might have started again….