yesterday i was with my friends at a bbq and we went to a park near their house. these  so called “popular” people come over and we were blasting some random music acting like idiot cuz thats what we do.  we are the freaks of the school why cant they preppy perky annoying idiots leave us alone. so one guy comes up to us and is liek ” so you guys listen to Paramore and Taking Back Sunday? you know S.I music?” and so i say that we do and its not “S.I. music” and that they should go listen to their own w/e they listen to and leave us alone. so he acts like an ass and asks if we always act like this? I’m not goin to deny who i am to these guys cuz they’re are idiots and stereotipical losers. it just kills me because i used to be friends with one of them when i was younger. it continued for about an hour just them saying how all we do is S.I. and blast “S.I. music” .  then they came up to us and asked if we wanted to have a dance off i was like wtf?!?! we listen to  you know what did you call it “S.I. music” we dont dance we apparently S.I. and they just annoyed us some more. i really cant stand people becuase i was with my friends who also SI and some of my friends who have no idea that we do. i was so close to hitting one of them and showing them my scars just so they realize that its the real world and that people r going through real problems and that they should go get drunk at some stupid party like they always do. i mean we are 14 year old btu we arent stupid enough to realize that SI  is a major problem whats preventing them??? i’m sorry if im wasting you’re time by posting stupid problems like this but serious am i wrong by saying that its not their buissness and they are idiots for relating music with a real problem SI???