life is just becoming so dark to me i used to know who i was but all i am doing know is putting on a mask and building a wall so no on can see me break and fall.i want to use the tool really really badi have them with me at all time i refuse to let them gothey have been there for me when no one else wasnt.i cry almost every night because of stuff my daddy saysim tired of being like my momi dont want to be my mom

i feel like im losing all my friends when i know for a fact i am not.i cant breath much longeri want something something so much stronger than what i havei want help but i am to scared to get itim scared to let anyone know i am a EMO S.I. KID

im tired and left out in the coldi cant handle much anymore

i want to pass TAKS ( A test for people in TEXAS)but i cant because i always fail it with two questions


im tired of purging

im tired and weak

i need a way out.