hi all i just figure out how to post. but i have been reading all of your blogs. and a lot of them are very sad. i didn’t SI for six months and recently started again. and now i am waiting to get into a treatment program. its colled Mclain hospital for a partial program in 2 weeks hopfully. i am bearly makeing it. i am pushing my friends way and don’t want to talk to them or go to church with them and i don’t understand why this is hapening to me.they really care about me, but i feel that they don’t understand me and now i am getting a book for them to read so they can understand how i feel and why i act the way i act. i have a very suportive family and i really sad and sometimes angry b/c i think that i don’t understand it. i know that most of you don’t have supportive family and that i should be thankful. and i am. i will write more about me later.