I just had a break down at school today. In math. I was crying and its all be because i want to kill meself. I told my friend. and she told me i could kill myself if i wanted and she wont care. I went to the bathroom and started crying like a toally baby. Then i calmed down and went back to class. Figures. That friend that i told(ill call her Bre) told my other friend(ill call her Ash). Ash just looked at me and told me not to do something stupid. I started crying right there in class. Because she cared. I reached to Ash and she hugged me. I just cryed and she hugged me in class. Then of all things Bre pulling me outside and Ash just talks to me about all the stuff im feeling. She understands. Abd Bre was going to blame herself if i kill myself. Thats y she told Ash. And as of right now they r my only true friends.

 Im srry im venting on u just needed to let the day out. i<3Ash&&Bre