Well, im having trouble at home. And im having nightmares about my past. Its like my past is haunting me. Im going to counseling.And my Mom knows about it. So, that’s whats happening to me. And this is my first time on this blog/website. And its stupid that peoplethink im different or im crazy. And my Mom manipulates me alot. She says that im “being ugly towards her.” And my counselor said that my mom shouldnt act like that. Cuz thats why i S.I. And i get annoyed that she acts like that. I get mad. And i S.I. alot. I dont know why she has to act like that. Its like she acts like im ruining her life. Shes never acted like this before. her emotions came out of mowhere. She has a lot of trouble at her job. Maybe thats why shes acting that way? And if anybody can help me please email me at: emogurl912@yahoo.com, so please can you at least help with this problem. And right now shes complaining to me about what I told the counselor. And thats what I really felt. So why is she even asking those questions? I cant BELIEVE HER! Shes the one that MADE ME go to counseling! And now shes complaining to me about it. And she thinks that im lyin. She can go complain to anybody but me. And im not up to anything. And shes manipulating me about my feelings. Ciao, Jay-Jay