Ok so basically this is what happened I was talking to my friend online about stuff that was going on between me an my dad right and I tell him please don’t tell anyone what I am telling you and then he mails me back and says “Hey, listen your life is about to get much better within the next week” and I’m like CHRIS what did u do!? And hes like “Just chill ok?” and I told him no what did u do! And then 2 days later the state police showed up at my house right so I told then all of what I told chris and they took us out of our home. And then I went to this one foster home and my caseworker finds out I am S.I. right so then SHE GOES AND TELLS MY NEW FOSTER MOM! And I called her and said “Why did you tell her I S.I.?” And shes all like “Oh for your safety our priority is to make sure you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.” And I was like “ok.” And then oh then my foster mom WENT THROUGH MY STUFF! And I couldn’t believe it she gave all my poems and drawings to my caseworker then they found a suicide note right and I was like “I WROTE THAT NOTE THE EXACT MOMENT I FELT LIKE DIYING I WASN’T GONNA ACT ON IT!” And then me my brother and sister got moved from that house because they had a lot of other foster kids in that house so now my new foster mom she is nice but she kinda is hard to talk to. When I wanna talk to her she gets all like she makes that huffing noise or what ever and then I say oh never mind. And ever since I moved my S.I. has gotten way way worse and I am affraid I might seriously seriously hurt myself. And I am seeing a um psychologist but I am affraid to open up to her because every time I trust someone they always brakes that trust. And a while ago when my mom found out I was S.I. what she did was she made like a gasping noise and she said “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?” and she said “Jennifer stop this right now the next time you do this I am taking you right to the emergency room and I’m going to hospitalize you!” And I got all upset and crying and shes like “Go up to your room I don’t wanna see your face for the rest of the day!” And now my brother and sister and my mom don’t believe what happened between me and my dad. And its getting me so upset because why are they sideing with my dad and they just leave me like nothing. And I am thinking of like just killing myself because they don’t care about me and what good am I doing for this world the world would be better off without me. I just wish I was dead sometimes but then I think I am soooooo selfish because theres so much more going on in the world like world hunger and animal cruelty and homeless people and all that. So what should I do I don’t know anymore?