Hello,I understand that most who post are teens, but my daughter S.I. herself. I have been trying to do research so that I can understand some of why it is that she does this. I understand I will never physically understand so I don’t expect that. I was wondering if any of you have some suggestions as to how I go about helping her without making it worse for her? Before I understood some of what she was doing I had her put into the hospital for what I thought was ‘suicide’ thoughts. I was scared and acted solely on that first and not asking her what was going on. Wrong I know – so you see I don’t want to make the same mistakes again. I don’t want to judge anyone and I can’t honestly say it is right or it is wrong. I am just a mom that truly loves her daughter and could use any information as to possible triggers, how to open up a discussion with her and maybe find ways to help her cope and one day maybe stop.  I understand there is no ‘cure’ and I am sorry for people thinking that way. it is more like alcohol in the sense that everyday one has to decide either to do it or not….everyday for the rest of ones life. I know there will be times that she does it even after not doing it for awhile – and that is ok, because hopefully by then we will know how to talk. To me each day she doesn’t injure on herself is wonderful and you don’t cancel those days just because you have one that you do….So please if there is anyone who can help I will forever be greatful. Hey you can even talk to her – if you feel that would work….our email address is penmister12@netzero.com  . I will have to set up her own email.Oh by the way her name is Alexis (Lexi) and she is almost 15.Thank You,Penny