ok so im 14 and i’ve been injuring since maybe 11.my last injury was last night but i was good for 3 months i was soo proud of myself .then my family just made me feel like i was wrong again and it sucked .i mean i love them but i hate keeping secrets.i’m bi and i cant tell them because they are soo against anyone who is not straight. so i have wounds on my arm and my mom saw but i just told her that it was my new puppy ,she believed me .i mean when they fisrt found out that i did injured they yelled and tried to kick me out of the house i thought that they would want to help me because i know that i need hel[ i know that wat i am doing is not healthy .  but i cant tell them that i need help because they will blame it on me and i will injure again . i told them ive stoped injuring but they dont noe that i just learned how to hide it better . if anyone has advice for me i am always up to listen.