I have gotten to the point where i dont feel comfortable around some of my “best friends” anymore. i feel so aquward around them. my mom is driving me to the point of hurting myself really bad and its becoming something that is making me phsycally and emotionally tired. im so sick of them judging me.

They ALWAYS want to talk about it and to me it makes it worse cuz they act like there so much better then me and that they actually know what im talking about when they dont! thats what pisses me off but its nice that they dont care that im BI…ya im BI get over it!! but im not “into” my friends in that way ya know. like, i understand that there worried about me but they need to respect that fact that i dont want to talk about it what them and they just need to drop it. my family is driving me to the point where i just want to runaway. im so sick of them that i dont call them mom and dad anymore, i just call them by there first names. i guess i resent my mom for not geing the strong person she is a devorce my lazy ass dad before he can hurt us anymore. he deserves to be alone. he need a woman that needs to ask permition to wipe her ass. come one ladies…have more respect. i need help and i need it now. please =,( email me