Hey everyone,In one of my classes we are getting the chance to do a project on anything of our choice, and I chose to do mine on Self Injury, because as a former self injurer, I really wanted to take this chance to give my class a bit of a glimpse of the world few of them dont even know exists, much less undersatand.And I need your help. (whether you dont S.I., used to S.I., or currently S.I.)All I need for you to do is answer some questions.Its completely anonymous, but will take a little time and thought.Also, if anyone is willing, I would really like to have a couple of people who are willing to go a little bit deeper, share a little more..If you are willing to send poems, songs, drawings, anything that you have written while S.I., or are willing to ‘write down your story,’ for me that would be especially awesome. I will give you as much or as little recognition as you want, but the project isnt going past my high school class room.If you’re willing to help, email me at emily@thinkon.us:]thanks guys!love is the movement!Emily M