Looking to the sky
Hoping, dreaming for a solution
Trying not to cry
Holding on to you, clinging to hope
Searching for all these years
Hiding all the tears
Injuring to relieve the pain
Standing, crying in the rain
Wanting badly to be free
Holding onto it tightly
Looking at myself
In the mirror
Trying not to cry
Staring at the awful sight
Injuring my skin
Trying to get in
Loosing myself
Oh so slowly
Searching for myself
In the darkest places
Looking at all the faces
Hurting through the days
Walking in a haze
Not knowing where to go
Running from who I was
Lying on the floor
Crying out for help
Arms and legs are sore
Lying here I melt
I fade away
Looking into the sky

i wrote this today at school First  hour