Dear, the people who run this website
 a fue months ago this site was changed and thats fine, but it usedto be that at the top the header had a pictur of both 2 male and 2 feamale people. now its just 2 female, a friend of myn just told me that a fue years ago he had tryed injuring to, and had lied to me when i had preveusly asked him. he sed that he was embarised becouse injuring is vued as something only girls suffer from. I KNOW THIS IS NOT TRUE. i told him this and then when i was on this site with him he saw the header and sed see i told you so, even the help sites are geered twords girls. if perhaps you could do something about this or i dont know  i know alot of us feel shame, but if this change could realeve some of his i would apresheat it.

thank you, and stay strong