=sighs and look around= I hope this doesn’t sound pathetic and I hope no indifference is brought upon me by others. While I may not be one self injury it does cross my mind a lot as well as other thoughts. I injured myself for the second time the other day because of stress, things that I was thinking about and just the way I felt in general. I felt hopeless, worthless, like I didn’t matter, and like no one cared. I looked back on the past relationship that I had and I see how much I messed up in it by lying and cheating, 2 major important things that should never happen in a relationship with the someone you love. The pain, the misery, the heartbrokeness, all of it brought upon myself by myself has caused me to fall into a void. One that seems to overtake my mind and my soul and tell me things, things that lead to the thoughts of self injury of any form. While my body is not lined with scars, my mind and my heart and my insides are for sure. 
I am here because I need help and I need advice. I don’t know if she will find and read this or not, but here it goes. She is my ex, the love of my life. She has a situation with Self Injury herself and it has been going on for quite along time, but recently it seems to have gotten worse. It is almost readily on her mind to injure because of stress and other things that are on her mind, most the same as mine. I talk to her all the time and I know her better than anyone else, I have been trying to help her with her situation as much as possible even though we are miles away. I know this is something that takes time to get to go away and not to do it anymore, but now I am at a loss for words. I don’t know what to say anymore, I try to make her feel happy and wanted. She says she knows that I love her and that I care for and I truly and honestly do in all of my being. I am very supportive of her of what she does esp. trying to quit. I talk to her like a person and I tell her how I feel about things that are brought up in conversation, but it seems like she shuts me out, like she doesn’t want to or know how to open up to me. She tells me that I am her strength and that I am all that she has, that I am her will to want to stop and this I can not falter or deny, I am her strength and I will do whatever it takes to see her through her problems in life for I promised I would never leave her side.
Please, someone help me and give me advice for what else I can do.