I had my auditions to get into the theatre department yesterday and they went pretty well. I will find out at the beginning of next week if I’m in or if I have to change my major. I am trying not to let my nerves get the best of me. I deserve that spot and should get it.

The injuring has calmed down greatly. I slipped up the day before yesterday, but the last few weeks have had only a couple incidents. I’m proud of that. I have been struggling with purging though. I’ve been doing it about once a week for the past few weeks but then I did it 4 times this week. I really think all the stress of the end of the year just really got to me so I tried to throw it up and out of my body. It’s really not that different to injuring in that way.

I made a promise to God that I was going to try really hard to change my behavior yesterday. I think I took a huge step forward. It’s hard to explain the feeling I had yesterday. I just knew that my life had to change. I really am a lot stronger than I think I am and I can do this.