I wish i could say that everything was going to be ok , i wish i could just stop hurting myself. My mom thinks I’m stopping, i promised her that the new one on my leg was old “its just that i picked the scab mom!” what an IDIOT i am!!!!

I wish my friends wouldnt just watch as i did this, i wish they’d step in and say “Mrs. Deanna’s mom SHE NEEDS HELP NOW!!!!” but that’s not going to happen…none of it is…i cant get better, i’ve tried, i’ve BEEN trying for so long its hopeless!!!! it’s almost not even worth the try. it’s too much for me to bear

I wish that my dad wasnt so self centered and tried to take SOME concideration to how his KIDS AND WIFE are feeling instead of making it all about HIM all the time!! i get that we have NO money…but seriously *screams*

I wish my friends wouldnt come to me w/ FAKE problems!!!!

Wishes arent even worth it anymore….nothing is