Lately, my life seems to be spiraling out of control and no one even understands me the one person i talked to when i felt like this basically abandoned me. Which makes me feel even more alone. All i want to do is go injure. And it is becoming too hard to say no. I am hurt. All the time. I am sad all the time. I feel worthless all the time and i have no idea how to make these feelings stop. I want someone to notice me and not my scars. I want someone to care and not leave. I think that is the whole thing though. I am always abandoned by the people i let close enough to actually hurt me. But that is not my fault. They just leave and now i am here all alone. Its driving me crazy with no one to talk to. It just makes me want to hurt myself all the time  and i do not know what to do anymore. Would it even matter if i did start injuring again……..I dont seem to think anyone would notice if i did. so it must not be that bad right?

if anyone can help me email me.