I don’t feel like I fit in like I’m the one who’s always wearing the big clown suit and I can’t do anything about it. It feels like nothing ever ends and I’m always being picked on and again I don’t know why I hear what their saying and I know that its joking but they act like I’m stupid and I don’t understand what their really saying. It feels like I’m on automatic pilot all the time I’m depressed and I want to tell people that I self abuse myself but I can’t and then I want to go to one of those SAFE groups but I can’t drive alone yet. Even in my drivers ed class I was being picked on jokingly but some of the stuff it wasn’t jokes anymore and the worst part was that these were strangers for the most part and I was still the the one who was picked on. My one friend whos a boy always says short shorts and I’m a short girl 4’11 and he says that it doesn’t count cuz I’m short and my hands are small for the finger tip length rule he’s almost trying to make me sound slutty that I can’t wear shorts in the mid thighs b/c of my height and hands. I’m not a slut I’ve never had a bf and I’m 15, I don’t go around school looking for someone to keep me busy but yet he says this stuff and it hurts and then he brings other people into it and all the guys agree of course and the girls I sit with hardly if at all stand up for me. I don’t know anymore!