if you have been injuring for a wile you would know how hard it is to stop. im trying really hard but sometimes its to much for me. i live in arizona and i dont know what i can do to help myself ithout my parents knowing. the last think that i want is my mom getting that much more sressed out about things. my dad is the biggest loser out there and i hate him. he is not my dad anymore. i dont call him dad. i just call him john. i wish things were diffrent but no one said things were perfect. i need help but idk how to get it. sometimes i think about taking pills to feel better but idk i didnt want to.

 dont get me wrong. im not looking for people to feel srry for me or anything becuase there are people with much worse things going on in there lives but. im here telling how i feel and my story because i need help and i wanna get some. if you have any ideas email me jessiegirl135@yahoo.com