These last past two weeks have been thw worst of my life man.I promised my aunt I wouldn’t injure myself anymore and I”ve been deperately trying to keep that promise.It’s like everything that can go wrong has ent wrong.Yesterday I had to force myself to go to sleep because I was past the point of wanting to injure myself.I was like at the point of suicide.Have you ever fealt like you wanted to die right then and there?Like there was no point of life anymore?That was the way I’ve been feeling.It’s like if this is what life has to offer me at this age,I don’t want to find out what the rest of life will be like.I’m so through with trying to please everyone else and then getting talked down to.It’s like the only outlet I have is injuring and crying.But I’m so tired of crying.I cry myself to sleep every single night and that’s not working for me anymore.I always think there is no way you can produce any tears and they just start rolling and don’t want to stop.With injuring it’s like I know I have to stop.But right I’m trying to stop for someone else instead of myself.So there is like no motivation for me to stop besides my common sense instinct.I’m so confused