latley all i feel is empty. no one really notices or knows that i do what i do but idk. i feel like i dont trust my friends anymore because they will go tell the counsiler or something and thats the last thing that i wasn to happen because then they will tell my parents and there will be a big flip out and my mom dosent need that right now. i feel like im hiding in front of my friends cuz they are looking down on me in a way.  i just want people to leave me the hell alone. its not like im not trying cuz i am..really hard but right now i just dont care about the fact that i do it because its at the bottum of my list of things to care about. sometimes the only reason that i dont do it is because it hurts my boyfriend justin to much. i feel like hes the only one who dosent look down on me when i do it. he picks me up when im down that low and tells me that we’ll get through it togther. which makes me so happy =).

i have never talked to someone who has done what i do so im kinda new with this so please help me