i wrote a post a few days ago sayign my friends started S,I, in his sleep after a few weeks of not S.I. well i havnt S.I. in a few days but yesterday and this mornign i woke up with injuries all over my legs with a few on my arms. this onyl has happened to me twice but those time i had stopped for a month-ish. a couple of days with out it and im doign it self consiously?!? this is insane i rele am trign to not do it so often but now this. when i wrote that other post on wether it was an addiction this is what i meant! am i goign insane or somthing i mean i cnat sleep anymore i’ve dranken nail polish remover in my sleep once and i woke up with half the bottle gone. i could have died. i neve rhtought i’d eb more of a danger to myself asleep tahn i was awake. i tried to go to sleep early onthe nigh ti really wanted to S.I. not wat am i supossed to do. i’m not ready to tell my family. the injuries werent deep. please if anyoen has gone through this or heard of this happenign please respond.