Hey guys, Im back, its chad and its been about a month and the weirdest stuff has happened. My mom saw my injuries .. yes snoopy, i did it, i actually did it on purpose too so that i wouldn’t have to tell her right away.  So that is over with, and I am also in counseling, the only downside, is that ever since I started counseling, I want to injure EVEN MORE. and i dont know why. Im on a med called trazadone, it’s an anti-depressent. And whenever im on it, i am a complete and TOTAL idiot, I walk around with my sleeves up, and everyone can see my injuries, and i don’t pull it down when im on the meds, it’s like i don’t even care. If you have any advice for me to help get rid of this feeling please reply.. P.S. THANK YOU SOO MUCH SNOOPY if it wasn’t for you.. well.. yeah, but I didn’t hurt myself because you gave me the hope and strength from your story!! THANK YOU!!!!!