my life right now is like a horrible nightmare that just wont end. my mom is practically being tortured by my dad and she is starting to break down. i cant wait for when she leaves him. sometimes i think that what is going on with them is somewhat my fault because the first time they found out that i injured they flipped and it was hard for me to see but thats when a lot of things were kept quiet until now…which is really stouped liek they think that now that things are better that its ok to say what they do but it NOT! my dad is like a small child who just cant seem to grow up. my brother is a whole other story. he is the perfect star child and my parents just love him more then life. hes the meanest little a__ ever. i hate all the boys in my family because they think that girls are lesser well WAKEUP CALL! there not! i cant wait to get my dad outa the house. injuring has become a lot worse for me…all the sudden its not enough. there were times where i didnt do anything for months at a time and it would get so painful that i wouldnt be way to much and tire me out emetionally and phsically every day. and thank god my parents are to busy to even notice that im acting wierd to there standerds. i couldnt do it. im sick of my dad treating his family like they dont matter because we do and i just hate him. i dont feel safe in my house anymore..i sleep with my door locked and i dont even know why. i fell like theres no hope for me.  i hate my family. i hate them. i wish me and my mom were closer but shes to busy. i just need to know that ther is someone out there that knows how im feeling. please email me