my friend is a struggling injurer. he hasn’t injured in a few weeks but a week ago he started waking up with muliple wounds all over his body. I’ve done this before when i tried to stop but it was never as bad as he is and after i woke up with the wounds i started injuring again a few days later. i havn’t told him that but he thinks its soem kinda of withdrawl. ( i personaly agree.) he’s been a self-injurer for about 6 years and he’s in 8th grade now like me. this kinda helps me believe that SI really is an addiction.( and if u have any comment on that plz leave them i need more information on that) I’m really scraed for him he said if he starts injuring again he’ll stop doing it in his sleep, but thats not helpign him either. he say’s he goign insane and there’s no other way. he’s not ready to talk to anyoen yet he was in a suicidal rehabe 6 years ago because he jumped out a window befor ehe started injuring. he was doign so well. he’s scared and so am i we really don’t knwo what to do. has anyoen been through this? Does anyone know what to do? if you know anythign PLEASE COMMENT. thank you