Things at home are not the best...parents getting a devorce.....and i feel along all the time. none of my friends do what i do so none of them can relate. everyone thinks i stopped but two of my best friends and one is way pissed at me and the other dosent care. when i injure it scares the crap out of me! sometimes i dont want to stop. i've been to a counsoler and all the bull but it dosent do anything for me. When im in that mood of injuring that is all i can think about. im not happy again until its over and i feel like i cant talk to anyone about it...not even my best friend and boyfriend. just saying the word "c______" is imbarising to me. saying it makes me feel ashamed to be who i am. My dad had been calling me fat sence i can remember. He watches me eat and calles me obease. my mom just stood there and watched. they are still doing it and its driving me crazy! i cant wait for him to get his butt out of my house.
i feel way alone and i need someone to talk to that knows my pain so if you have felt the way i do then please help me. i just need to talk to someone who knows. so please reply