latly i’ve been readign some things on SI but what caught my eye was when a few sites said it can be an addiction. this site states it is not an addiction but i’ve seen on site this site recomends that they believe it is. i am just wondering. i mean it seems logical both ways. if we learn to except the reason we are injuring than we can stop havign urges. but on the other hand some times injuring is more than relieving stress. i’ve had time where i just couldn’t stand not seeing the injuries. i also know other people who have said this as well.  i mean u can be addicted for more then chemicals, gambling, sex, ect. why not this? and since people can gamble without being addicted while others are addicted why can’t this be the same? if injuring is so hard to stop, and i don’t need to hear that from someone else i know, than can it be an addiction or not. i honestly don’t know and soem of my friends ( who injure) are fighting with my friends who dont injure about this. they say it cant be an addict and if they are coiming up with excuses for why they won’t stop injuring than they can’t help them. i really would like to hear other opinions. i believe there is hope but i need to know my facts. thank you for those who coment with their opinions it means a lot.