I started injuring myself a little over a year ago. At the beginning I wanted my injuries to be seen; I wanted people to know I was depressed. I wanted HELP. But no one did notice, although I can hardly blame them. My depression lifted and my superficial injuring stopped, at least for a little while. But as many of you probably know, depression does not usually cure itself. So, the injuring began again, and it was beginning to scare me. I wasn’t hurting myself for other people anymore, this was all about me. I am just so sick of not being able to cry and having to hurt myself to feel anything!!!  I want my parents to leave me alone instead of making everything about what I put them through!

But mostly right now I just wanted to tell my story and tell everyone else out there that I have so much respect for you! So many of you have had it so bad and I think this site is just a good thing, a helpful thing.