i’m 15 years old.  i’ve been injuring for about 5 months.  i’ve never told anyone, ever, of what i do.   i don’t know how i would explain it to anyone.  My life doesn’t seem bad, at all, to anyone who would look at it from any other point of view besides my own.  until about 2 weeks ago i didn’t believe i was actually a ‘self injurer’ but it hit me hard then. i’m not happy with my life, and i’ve found i don’t believe i’ll ever find happiness.  I want to be able to live to be happy.  But nowadays the only times i feel joy is after i injure myself.  i go in and out of states of depression often, and after i injure it seems to bring me out of it.  not forever though, obviously.  I couldn’t even get out of bed today to go to school, so i stayed home and tried to figure out what was wrong with me.  i planned on refraining from injuring myself  but I still did. it woke me up, and i feel like i’m on a high now.  but i don’t want to have to do this.  i’m looking for any type of advice from anyone. i’ve never gotten any before, and i’m questioning whether or not i should seek help from a therapist.

if anyone could offer any type of help towards me, i would appreciate it more than anything in the worlddd.