I haven’t injured in two years, four months. That may sound great, but I’m not healed. Lately, several times a week, I seriously consider injuring. Though I never do, I only do small things to hurt myself. Some would say that because it’s been so long, I’m healed, but I don’t feel that way becuase I still turn to the consideration of injuring as a way of coping. I threaten myself that I’ll do it but I don’t. I need other alternatives. I need to go to other options when I’m “freaking out,” but don’t have many at my fingertips. Yes, there’s art, there’s using a punching bag, there’s exercise, there’s music, there’s nature, there’s lots of alternatives–but they don’t appeal to me in the intense moment, only injuring does. I’m 27 years old and I’m running away from myself on a regular basis. Just because you haven’t injured in a long time doesn’t mean you don’t consider it often. It haunts me and I wish it would go away and replace itself with something more positive, but equally as relieving. Anyone have any suggestions of things you turn to in the intense moment besides self-harm?