Every site I look at talks about incest or sexual abuse to trigger the injuring and I never experienced that. I was the golden child, the one that was used as the “why aren’t you like this” child. My mom and my sister are both over-weight. They aren’t the reason that I injure or do any of the other things that I do. I have tattoos and I have only gotten them when the emotional pain was too great to deal with. I don’t injure on a “regular” basis. I injure when I feel like I can’t let go or hold on to my emotions any more. I have developed a very high tolerence for pain and it’s probably not healthy. What hurts most people doesn’t hurt me. I have an addiction to pain pills, alcohol and pain. Where does that put me in this neat little injurers world? I injure in many ways, and yet lead an otherwise normal healthy life. My life doesn’t seem fine when I injure anymore because I know that life throws harder punches than I can ever throw. I don’t know what every one else has experienced but I know what I have. I know it’s harder than HELL to stand across from a burning building and pray that everyone got out ok only to find out the next day that someone you care about was in that building and died on the same day that you held a dear friends hand and told him it was ok to let go. So in one swoop 2 are gone. I didn’t face it. I couldn’t face it. I lost 6 people in a year, all back to back. My injuring isn’t a result of incest, it’s a result of never being told it’s okay to fully let go of your emotions. Of always being afraid that I was going to be the same as my mom and sister. Of always needing to be strong and in control. If I can’t control my eating and injuring who can? There are so many factors that need to be considered when dealing with someone with this “disease” doctor’s aren’t even sure how to really deal with it.