Hello everyone,i am a recovered from S.I. and i am about to graduate college.i am using my thesis paper to conclude my healing process by writing about my experience with S.I. My thesis:  Creative expression (and expressive therapies) can help to ease adolescents away from self-injurious behavior.  The release that comes from creating can be used to replace the release that comes from S.I.  “Can you replace the “sharps” with a paint brush or a drum?”this is the basic idea behind my paper.  i know that throughout the 8 or 9 years that i was actively S.I.- art and creative expression has been my long time hero.  i was wondering if anyone had any stories that involved using any sort of (healthy) artistic creative expression to combat the urge to S.I…..i am hoping to use some of the information in my paper, but all stories will remain anonymous.  if you don’t want your story in my paper just let me know.thank you for taking the time to read this.  peace to alland keep on-ryan