I wonder if snapping a rubber band on my wrist can help me not injure? 

I keep wondering why it is people say things that they dont mean. All that ever does is make things worse. My mom will yell at me then 2 minutes later say that all the mean things that she said, she never ment, but yet says it again the next day. If she rteally ment it when she said she didnt mean wht she said, wouldnt she stop??

My friend writes on here too, and she is trying to get better, and at the same time help me get better, and i do the same. We try helping each other get through all this. But I’m starting to think that when she and i talk about how we feel, and what goes on at home, that i am just making her more depressed, and making her want to injure more. Which in later terms makes me wanna injure more. I dont want to bring her down with me and i am afraid that thats wat i am doing. She emailed me a couple of days ago and told me that she doesnt want me and her being so depressed anymore, but im not helping her not be depressed. But there is just so much going on were its gard not being depressed. Between my home life, and finding out that my best friend may have a brain tomber, its so hard not to want to injure and depressed about everything. Im always scared to death about everything and now im afraid that my best friend may never be the same again. I mean he is the one ond only person that i have truely loved and knowing that he may have that issue, scares me and pushes me to want to injure. each day is getting harder and harder for me not to injure. I dont want to loose him or my other friend that writes on here, i want her to get better and for him to be ok, and for me and her get through this. But im starting to think that its impossible. Plez Help 🙁